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[sticky post] Activity chart

Apr. 5th, 2012 | 03:58 pm

Activity under the cut.Collapse )

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AU of angst

Jul. 9th, 2012 | 08:45 pm

Juliet typically works late on Thursday nights, just so that she can call it a day early on Fridays. She'd rather go home if she can, or have time to run errands on a weekday afternoon. But on this particular Thursday, she finds herself further ahead than she usually is, probably in no small part due to her new assistant. So, she leaves the lab early, stopping to pick up dinner from the only Italian place Dave will even walk by on the street, let alone eat at.

When she gets home though, she realizes almost right away that something is wrong. The front door is partially open, though all of the lights are out. David would never, she knows.

Leaving the food in her car, she takes off her high heels in the grass so that she won't make any noise, and walks into the dark, standing stock still and trying to listen. Walking quietly to the fireplace, she picks up an iron poker. From where she is, the rest is the house is in front of her, and she has her back to the wall. So she digs her cell out of her pocket and calls David.

And she hears his phone ring from where it's plugged in, charging on the counter. He never leaves home without it. He can't, not with his job. She has Garcia on speed dial, so she calls, telling her to send every damn body with a whisper before hanging up. Then, she heads through the house, poker down at her side, ready to strike.

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(no subject)

Jun. 29th, 2012 | 06:27 pm

Juliet Burke has been working at a leading medical facility for over ten years. Her name is floated as one of the breakthrough scientists in fertility drug development, she's more successful than she'd ever thought she'd be. But it always comes at a cost. Her husband left, finally finding someone less dedicated to her work to come home to. It's no surprise to her when she comes home late one evening to find him in bed with another woman.

Over the next few months, she starts seeing high risk cancer survivors desperate to conceive. One couple in particular is adamant. But after everything, sometimes Juliet just can't help, and they lose the baby. It happens to other couples, and this one, she doesn't hear from again. They don't attempt to try over.

And Juliet doesn't think about it again. It's close to three months later the first time she gets a threat in the mail. Something vague. Two weeks later there's another letter, and when she comes home from work, it's obvious someone's been in her apartment. She's scared, though the police come. And while she's sure they will do their job well, she's better connected than that.

There's an ex in her past, someone she's still on good terms with, whom she still greatly respects. But the moment was never right for them. David Rossi, a member of the BAU. She looks up his phone number, glancing at the officer in her front yard before sitting on her couch, hoping he answers.

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Private to John Mcclane for H&M

Nov. 29th, 2011 | 10:49 pm

When Juliet shows up at John and Erica's, Jonah is asleep over her shoulder and she's carrying his portable crib with two bags over her shoulder. She's mostly in a daze, just needing to get somewhere she knows the baby will be looked after if she has a melt down. But she also knows she can't let it get to the point it was last year.

And that's when she really thinks about it, as she knocks. This time last year, she was with John, in his bed. Because she'd been left alone. And here she was again, but she knows she's going to have to figure out how to just be alone.

Knocking softly she closes her eyes and presses her face against the side of Jonah's head gently, trying to keep it together.

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happy suliet day

Mar. 4th, 2011 | 09:39 am

The relationship of James and Juliet, to me, is the definition of character development. Two characters who, apart, never found what they were looking for. James conned, lied, cheated, never settled down. Juliet was quiet, devoted to work and her sister, mousy, and divorced. It took one event - the Island - to bring out who they could be as individuals. He can be an ass, but he also has a point. He can lead, he's well-read, he's searching for something in someone he can't seem to find. She's quiet but strong, not to be fucked with or you'll get a verbal beating (and sometimes a physical one), and searching for something in someone she never found in Goodwin.

The Island was their first 'vending machine'. They found each other, they finally connected and turned into the people they always have been together - Loyal, leaders, commanding and loving. James and Juliet will always find each other, no matter their paths because their souls are meant to be together. Neither of them can be quite complete without the other.


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Christmas Day - Private to John for H&M

Dec. 25th, 2010 | 02:17 pm

Juliet's curled up in bed, still early on Christmas morning, and she breathes deeply, stretching. She gets up for just a second to turn up the heat, and glances out of the window, noticing the snow. Crawling back into bed, she snuggles up against John, trying to wrap the comforter around her and still leave him some.

Her feet are freezing and she draws them up against John's thighs to warm them up.

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boy or girl?

Dec. 9th, 2010 | 07:20 pm

Juliet's lying on a table in the exam room of the clinic, paper gown pushed up as she tenses in anticipation of the cold gel being squirted on her stomach. She's holding John's hand with one of her own and clears her throat because she's already ready to cry. Because this should be James, and she feels bad, thinking about it that way. Because she loves John, and he's here, and he loves her too, and he loves the baby.

So as the screen comes up, she squeezes his hand in excitement, biting at her bottom lip. She listens to the heartbeat, not needing anyone to tell her that it's fine, measures the length of the fetus on her own, knowing it's perfect, and then she leans in, squinting.

"The baby's legs are crossed," she sighs, head falling back on the table. "Of course."

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thanksgiving or something.

Nov. 24th, 2010 | 10:34 pm

Juliet isn't a great cook. She's terrible at it, as a matter of fact. So, attempting an entire Thanksgiving dinner is out of the question. Which is why, at nine in the morning she's busy kissing John, bodies still pressed closed together after an early wake up call. She's still flushed, and she rests her head against his chest, listening to his heart beat reassuringly under her ear.

Turning her head, she kisses his chest softly, then moves up his body to look straight down into his eyes. Her hair falls around them like a private curtain. She looks very serious until a little grin finally breaks through. "That's the best Thanksgiving morning sex I've ever had."

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Closed to John, for H&M

Nov. 16th, 2010 | 08:34 pm

Juliet's been on edge, with James' birthday and the holidays coming, it feels like everything is conspiring to make her miserable. All the stupid holiday romantic comedies with couples reunited, and the plans of families getting together. It's all conspired to make her angry. But when she started crying over 'I'll be Home for Christmas' at the store, she decided to give up.

So, she's home now, waiting on John, trying to be happy. There's dinner in the oven and she stopped crying a while ago, so that's something. She takes a shower, not bothering to straighten her hair again, so it dries curly, and she puts on a pair of John's sweat pants and one of his t-shirts, picking up a book and reading on the couch.

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for John McClane, hearts_andminds - NC-17

Nov. 6th, 2010 | 03:03 pm

Juliet grinned a little and leaned in to nibble at his neck. "I'd be happy to let you explore these areas further if you'll come with me to the bedroom."

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