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island_juliet's Journal

Juliet Burke [LOST]
27 March
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· Juliet Burke ·

Name: Juliet Burke
Age: 35
Occupation: Once was a fertility research specialist, then became a disgraced Other. Is now an OB/GYN.
Physical Appearance: Tall and wispy thin, long blonde hair and deep blue eyes.
Brief Bio: Gifted fertility specialist, Juliet was brought to the island and under the impression that she would only work for six months to reverse a fertility problem, but the man in charge, Benjamin Linus refused to let her leave. Three years later to the day, Oceanic Flight 815 crashed on the island. Tasked with keeping the survivors on edge, Juliet instead defected to their side in hopes of finally getting off of the island.

Her hopes were short lived when a freighter that was sent for rescue was blown up. Stuck with James Ford, together they traveled with the island as it traveled through time, eventually landing in 1974 - during the time of DHARMA. They settled into a life together, and three years later had formed a bond and relationship. James even bought a ring to propose, but before he could Jack and Kate returned to the island. Worried that James would go back to Kate, Juliet went along with Jack's plan to blow up the island back to the time before Oceanic 815 crashed. Things went horribly wrong and Juliet was pulled down into a 40 foot well. She manually set off a hydrogen bomb, and time was reset, but not all the way. She died in James' arms.

· hearts & minds ·

She arrived in Haurvatat just before dying, and James arrived a week later. They were married in May of 2010, and discovered that she was pregnant in September. James disappeared from the village two days later, sending Juliet spiraling, however, he returned on December 26th, 2010. He had no memory of anything that happened in the village and was very reluctant to be a father and a husband. Their son Jonah was born on March 26th, 2011. On November 26th, 2011, James disappeared again, and Juliet has resolved that she won't be able to go through something like this a third time - though she has recently found comfort in Jack O'Neill.

· disclaimer ·

I am not affiliated with ABC, LOST, J.J. Abrams, Team Darlton or Elizabeth Mitchell in any way. This is for role play purposes only.

· voicemail ·